Resources which might be useful in creating your hack can be found at the links below:


Social Networks


  • Spotify
  • Netflix
  • Last.fm ans an API which gives you information on what music members are listening to and have been listening to etc.




  • Astronomy LookUP from Jodrell Bank
  • flickr.photos.astro — YQL open table returning feeds of coordinates and names for tagged astronomy photos.
  • starchartjs — Not an API as such. Javascript library for drawing starcharts in <canvas>. Includes bright star catalogue, constellation figures and ephemerides for the planets.
  • starchartjs (SVG) — Javascript library for drawing star charts with Raphaël. Possibly better cross-browser compatibility than the <canvas> version, but slower. Includes bright star catalogue and constellation figures.
  • Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) SkyServer — access spectra and images from the survey.
  • CDS XML Web Services — convert astronomical coordinates via API.
  • SETI Institute Data – they’ve just announced upcoming APIs for some of their data.
  • NASA Extensions for Google Maps – mostly maps of the Moon and Mars
  • WFCAM – access to the UK Infrared Deep Sky Survey (UKIDSS)
  • Digitized Sky Survey – access the DSS by position on the sky.
  • SkyMorph/NEAT – Repository of Near Earth Asteroid Tracking CCD images
  • WorldWide Telescope Script Reference — Javascript API for embedding Microsoft WorldWide Telescope in web pages. Allows you to programme tours of the sky, embed external images, view other planets.
  • Zooniverse APIs – We are creating APIs in time for this event, such as Galaxy Zoo and Moon Zoo live classification feeds (see http://www.moonzoo.org/live). Feedback/suggestions welcome email robert.simpson@astro.ox.ac.uk.



  • Twitter
  • Tropo – SMS, IM and voice communications API, free for development
  • Twilio – SMS, voice communications API, free for development


  • Geoloqi – Send users notifications when they enter a certain area

Data Logging

  • Cosm – Cosm connects people to devices, applications, and the Internet of Things.


  • Ensembl has a public MySQL server, a datamart and an API which you can use to query genomes and annotations.
  • JBrowse – portable JavaScript genome browser


Molecular Biology

  • EBI: nucleic acid, protein sequence, and macromolecular structure data

Literature Annotation and Recommendation

Climate & Environment

News and commentary


Other collections


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