On the Day


The event will be held at the Urban Coffee Company, Birmingham, UK

We will be starting the day at 10:00am on Sunday 23rd June. See the schedule to get an idea of what will be happening after that!

Address of Venue:

Urban Coffee Company, 30 Church Street, Colmore Business District, Birmingham, B3 2NP


Registration is available through our Eventbrite page here:
Eventbrite - Science Hack Day Birmingham

The event is free and open to people of all ages.

Ideas and Projects

We encourage people to submit project ideas before the event, so people can view and discuss them before the event. They can be submitted here. For inspiration have a look at the list of APIs, Datasets, Programming Tools and Frameworks. Here is a list of the ideas we have so far!


After the introductory talks on Saturday morning, we will have “lightning talks” sessions for those who want to discuss a project idea or platform to hack on. Interested in leading a discussion around your project idea (5mins max)? We’ll have 5 open slots, please email us if you would like a slot (first come, first served).


Bring your hacking tools of choice: laptop, extension cord/power strip, toolbox, arduinos, science kits, various materials, your imagination (lab coats optional).

We’ll supply

Wired internet, hacking space, power, but power points will be limited, so it would be a very good idea to bring a power strip.


Refreshments will be able to be purchased from our venue hosts, the Urban Coffee Company on the day.


The Science Hack Day Birmingham will run from 10am till 5pm on Sunday 23rd June.

Most of all

Have fun! If you’re nervous because you don’t have any specific ideas of what to do — or you’ve never been to a hack day before — don’t worry: there will be plenty of people with ideas who will need your skills. Above anything it is a social event, but you’ll probably find it an incredibly rewarding experience to form an ad-hoc team to create something crazy and exciting.

If you have any other questions, check out the FAQs. Feel free to email (sotira@iuniversequest.com) or ask the question on Twitter by giving @scihackdaybrum a mention.

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Eventbrite - Science Hack Day Birmingham
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